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Our CoWorking Space provides amazing office space to all out of the box thinkers.
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Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are available by the hour or by the day – so whether you have a quick meeting or a day-long seminar or workshop...

High Speed Internet

No matter what you’re doing online, from file transfers to video chatting, from web surfing to sharing screens, the Wifi signal at the...

Mail Service and Virtual Offices

Mail services and Virtual Offices are available for every size business, so you can send and receive mail at a prestigious Silicon Valley street...

Plug & Play Coffee & Snack Shop

Grab a hot cup of fresh Peet’s Coffee and a handmade sandwich at the Plug & Play Coffee Shop inside the Silicon Valley Business Center...

CDC-Guided Health & Safety

At the Silicon Valley Business Center, we use the CDC Health & Safety guidelines as a starting point when it comes to taking precautions to...

Events Space

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Our Modern Office Spaces
Are Simply Stunning

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