living trust from Jeffrey Mentzos, Esq

Special Limited Promotion for all who attend the Real Estate Networking Professional Event

Thursday, August 24, 2023. This promotion is limited!!!

As a special limited time opportunity available to everyone who attends the BRG Realty/Silicon Valley Business Center Mixer & Birthday Celebration on Thursday, August 24th from 5-8pm at the Silicon Valley Business Center, Attorney Jeffrey Mentzos will be offering an exceptional opportunity to create a Family/Living Trust document at a significantly reduced rate.

To get started, download, print and complete this form (or click the blue button below to download)- then, connect with Jeff by contacting him using the form below, talking with him at the August 24th Mixer, or by calling him at (408) 425-7953.

LAW OFFICE OF JEFFREY A. MENTZOS shall prepare Family/Living Trust documents as follows:

  • Trust Document/Trust Certification/Declaration of Trust/Assignment of Personal Property
  • Schedule “A”/Schedule “A” Amendment
  • Personal Property Trust Amendment
  • Pour Over Will(s)
  • Procedure Upon Death
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Matters
  • Advance Health Care Directive(s)
  • Grant Deeds for Transfer of Primary Residence to trust*
  • Notary Fees are included in fee.