Effective Remote Working Tips & Tools

If you find that you are working remotely more than ever, you may be searching for useful tools and tips for ways to maximize your productivity – or to just make things easier. We’d like to share a few things you can do whether you’re working from home – or when you need to stop in and use the Silicon Valley Business Center as a more professional workspace, for an hour, a day, a month, or more.

Get plugged in to the right tools

To start off with, you want to make sure you have some basic, helpful software and services to help you communicate efficiently and collaborate effectively with teams that may be spread out – including:

Slack – for communication with your teams, it’s a great choice.

Google Drive is a terrific place to store, share and collaborate with internal and external people using Sheets, Docs, and Slides.

Whereby and Zoom are both easy to use, powerful and reliable video conferencing tools, as are Google Duo and Skype.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

The next thing you’re going to want to do is communicate. Not like you are used to communicating – but MORE than you ever have. Make sure you leverage email, text, and tools like Google Sheets to track activities transparently. With people working remotely, making the extra effort to over-communicate will help everyone be aware of what you are doing and how everyone’s pieces fit together.

Maintain Life Balance

One of the hardest things most people struggle with is maintaining life balance and establishing boundaries between work and personal time when they work remotely – and that is especially true when people work from home.

If you are finding that you’re having a hard time maintaining balance and boundaries, it may be helpful to take your work back out of the house. At the Silicon Valley Business Center, we are going to extraordinary lengths to make sure our facility is de-densified to allow for social distancing, while also employing CDC-recommended cleaning and disinfecting protocols to keep the Business Center safe.