Using Google Keep to Boost Productivity & Track Projects

Google’s Free SuperTool to Help Your Organize and Track Your Business Projects, Notes, Communications and more

As we get busier and busier working to build our businesses (not to mention manage our personal lives along the way), having easy-to-use tools at our disposal to help us maximize our productivity, track projects and keep general notes is invaluable. Ideally, that tool is available on our computer, our tablet and our smartphone – and even better if that tool is absolutely free to use!

Google has a free tool that’s perfect for the job.

The great news is that Google Keep is a wonderful tool for helping you throughout your busy days – from jotting down a quick note that automatically syncs across your devices to managing To-Do Lists to keep a project on track, Google Keep is a powerhouse tool you may not be aware of – and all you need to use it is a free Google Account.

Once you create your account, simply bookmark Google Keep in your browser on your computer and download the free apps on your Android or iOS tablets and phones. Everything you create and edit in Google Keep is automatically synced across devices as long as you have an active internet connection, so you are always working with the latest version of your documents.

What kinds of things can I do with Google Keep?

With Google Keep, you can create and edit lists, drawings, notes that contain photos, and set up reminders for specific Notes so you don’t lose track of them. On your computer, you can convert your Keep Notes to Google Docs to work with them even further, or add collaborators to share Notes with. On a mobile device, Google Keep notes can even be shared by SMS with your contacts for even easier distribution!

Google Keep Cheat Sheets

These simple cheat sheets walk you through how to use this wonderful, free tool throughout your days you build business, network with other members of the Silicon Valley Business Center, have client meetings, visit customers, and work through business projects:

1. Create notes, lists, and reminders.
Create Google Keep notes, lists and reminders

2. Organize notes with colors and labels.
Organize Google Keep notes

3. Work with notes.
How to Work with Google Keep notes

4. Share and collaborate on notes.
Share and collaborate with Google Keep notes

Want to know more about Google Keep? Check out the online documentation Google provides to help you get everything you can out of this free supertool.