The Silicon Valley Business Center is a Business Platform.

When you join the Silicon Valley Business Center, you’re not just accessing our powerhouse professional building and blazing wifi. You’re putting a robust success platform at your fingertips that can help your business launch, grow and succeed.

The entire staff of the Silicon Valley Business Center is at your disposal to help you take full advantage of your membership in the South Bay’s premier flexible office coworking space. Our staff has deep expertise in business processes, project management, marketing, advertising, website creation, finance and much more.

Couple that internal skillset with the skills of our member entrepreneurs and you truly have access to some of San Jose’s finest minds: from accounting to insurance, from digital marketing to commercial and residential real estate, from law to architecture and much more, your membership can facilitate connecting with experts who can help you with virtually any business challenge.

Plug In to Your New Business Platform

How can the Silicon Valley Business Center help you? We have many, many ways to support your business journey – starting with access to our friendly staff’s expertise.

  • Need help printing and copying documents in the building? Need help sourcing a commercial printing company? Stop by the front desk and talk with Nelia or Hannah!
  • Looking for IT expertise? Brian Hey – some of his services are even included in your SVBC membership. f it’s not, he can provide a price quote.
  • Time for an updated professional look? Licensed cosmetologist Monica Bunker is in the building and ready to help you look your very best.

Explore the SVBC Expert Network

The Silicon Valley Business Center network of member, vendors and affiliated business are at your fingertips!

What Business Challenge Can We Help You Meet?

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    What kind of help are you looking for?

    Fill out this simple form to describe the type of help you need, and we’ll see who we can tap into to connect with you to work on it.

    In some cases, we’ll put one of our SVBC staff on your case. In other instances, it might be another SVBC member who’s your best bet. Sometimes, we might suggest you join one of our regular Mixer Events so you can network with the hundreds of people who join us when we gather.

    Whenever possible, the resources we provide will be initially free of charge – and if they are not, we will let yo know up front. If we are connecting you with a SVBC member or vendor, you will be free to establish a direct relationship, free of hidden fees or markups.

    Our goal is to provide a business platform that completes the breadth of what you can get out of your SVBC membership: not just a space, but also the gamut of resources and expertise you need to succeed.

    Tap Into the SVBC Expert Network

    Professional IT Services

    Brian Hey Consulting

    SVBC Member Amenities

    Nelia and Hannah at the Front Desk
    (Printing & copying, wifi, meeting rooms & more)

    Residential Real Estate

    Gregg, Shannon & Jeff
    BRG Realty Corp

    Professional Appearance Services

    Monica Bunker, Moxie Makeovers

    Web & App Development

    Cameron Bunker,

    Legal Services

    Professional, affordable LegalShield services

    Wealth Management

    Bunker Wealth Management

    Social Media Services

    Claudia Loens, Wordflirt

    Internet Marketing

    Bill Quell, ClickAwayMarketing

    Insurance & Law Services

    Jeff Mentzos

    Home Maintenance Services